Worried About Safety and Security? Automate Your Garage Doors

Although we are fortunate to live in a mostly safe society, there are always opportunists around ready to take advantage of any lapse in security. In times past it was common for people to leave their windows and doors open in summer, but those days are long gone. Every country now has their share of law breakers and violent offenders, most of whom are strangers to their victims.

Direct Door Services is a company that sells, services and repairs roller doors. We understand the concerns our clients have about getting a product that will not only be functional, but will protect their properties from unwanted intrusion. Automating your garage doors is an extra precaution that would be beneficial for commercial, industrial and residential situations.

Protecting the Public Essential in a Commercial Situation

Commercial environments include such premises as supermarkets, shopping centres and service providers among many others. With members of the public occupying these spaces in large numbers, their safety and security is a major concern to the business operators. The garage doors we supply to underground carparks, for example, are made specifically for the purpose and as such, are already strong and robust. Automating the doors allows the operators of a car park to control the access and egress if necessary.

OHS a Major Issue on Industrial Sites

Many industrial situations require doors that span large openings, and need to be strong enough to withstand rough treatment. Such doors are usually heavy, and are a lifting hazard for workers who have to open and close them. These repetitive lifting actions could result in back injuries, or crush injuries should the doors close unexpectedly. Automated doors solve this problem as they require no manual lifting. They also stop and reverse when they detect obstacles. This prevents personal injury or property damage.

Keeping us Safe at Home

Automated garage doors in a residential situation are ideal for security. A person coming home late at night does not have to get out of the vehicle to open the door, drive in then go back outside again to close the door. The remote operation allows the driver to enter the garage as the door automatically opens, and while still in the car, can watch the door close in the rear vision mirror. Should an intruder enter during this process, the driver can lock the car doors and contact the police.

Automated doors can be installed with features such as courtesy lights, automatic force sensors, safety beams and wireless PIN keypads. At Direct Door Services we have experienced sales staff who can assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate product to keep you and your property safe and secure.