A Quick Lesson in Painting Garage Doors

Garage doors, like other exterior features, bear the brunt of our weather extremes, from scorching heat to frost with hailstorms and torrential rain thrown in for good measure. Regardless of the quality of the paint finish, garage doors will eventually need repainting to protect the raw surface. Choosing the right paint is essential for a lasting finish, as a metal door will need a different type of paint from a wooden door.

How do we know that? Well, we know a lot about garage doors because we supply and install industrial, commercial and domestic roller and shutter doors. Direct Door Services has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and over that time, we have answered thousands of questions and helped our clients choose the most appropriate garage doors for their needs.

Start Right with the Right Primer

Whether the door is metal or timber, it may need a primer as part of the preparation. A primer suitable for a timber surface may not produce long-lasting results on a metal surface. An old metal garage door may also be harbouring rust under the faded paint, so a primer containing a rust inhibitor should be selected for this work. Choosing the right primer is easy as there are many reliable brands on the market that are suitable for either surface.

Epoxy Enlivens Metal Doors

For metal garage doors, with or without primer, epoxy enamel paint is a better choice than plain enamel. It is far more durable, it is easy to clean and binds completely to the metal, provided the surface has been properly prepared. In our harsh environment the finish will look great for many years.

Exterior Enamel Spruces up a Timber Door

Exterior enamel paint is the best choice for a timber garage door. When properly applied, it has a hard, glossy finish that washes easily, resists heat, retains colour and provides excellent coverage. Cleaning up afterwards is easy as the brushes and rollers just wash clean in water.

Good Advice, Quality Paint and Preparation – Can’t Go Wrong

When choosing garage door paint, discuss the project with the sales assistant who usually can answer most questions and very often will offer alternative solutions based on their experience. Always choose the best quality paint you can afford. Painting takes time and effort, and this is all wasted if poor quality paint is used and that hard-won finish does not last.

It is worth stating again that, even with the right type of paint, preparation is the key to a long-lasting, professional result that adds value to the main structure. This is our approach at Direct Door Services when we custom build doors for our clients. We work with them to prepare a brief, finalise the design and choose the finish. When this is all agreed, we begin work and finally, install the doors. This is how we consistently achieve excellent results.