Getting It Right In Commercial Premises Is Essential

When most people think about selecting and installing any sort of shutter they can be forgiven for automatically assuming it is for a domestic situation. Selecting the right shutter is essential as it can make or break the mood of a room.

For Direct Door Services when we talk shutters we think about large and small commercial applications. Our vast range of commercial shutters, doors and fire shutters are constructed with quality materials. They can be made from perforated or slotted slats.

Each slat on our shutters and doors are fitted with windlocks. This design allows for greater strength, preventing the slats from popping out of their guides during high winds or sudden gusts.

Fire Shutters

A fire shutter is recommended to impede the spread of a fire. Indeed they are essential items in most commercial premises.

Whilst some of our doors can be hand operated a fire control panel can be used to activate the 240v or 3-phase motors on these shutters. They are also designed to activate should an installed fusible link detect temperatures of higher than 72 degrees Celsius.

Size is No Issue

Our experienced design, installation, and maintenance crew have worked on some very interesting projects.

We have been involved with the construction and installation of shutters, doors and fire shutters as small as a large door all the way up to loading dock shutters that measure 10 metres high and 17 metres wide, or more.

Security and Safety

At the end of a long working day you can relax when conducting your end-of-day procedures such as counting cash and balancing up the day’s takings without fear of exposure or theft.

Each business will work in a different way and require something different to help with this. Our team are able to give advice on design improvements and implement them, thus affording you and your staff the greatest convenience and safety.

Maintenance and Repairs

As previously mentioned, our roller shutters are made up of individual slats. These slats range from 50mm to 75mm all the way through to 100mm.

Should your door incur any damage our trained technicians are able to attend your premises to assess the level of damage. The extent of the damage will control their next steps.

They may be able to get the door working well whilst there, but more often than not, they will get the door as operational as possible whilst new slats can be organised in the colour required.

Looking After Industrial Roller Doors

Your industrial garage door may be made from the toughest material, but through time, it will be subjected to wear and tear such that you will be prompted to make repairs. The heavy usage of industrial garage doors makes them more susceptible to damage.

There are things that you can do to keep your industrial roller doors in good condition. But to be sure that they last longer, preventive maintenance by a professional is also advisable.

What You Can Do

One of the most important parts of an industrial roller door is the roller track. This is where the rollers move, so they have to be kept aligned. Once they become crooked, they have to be fixed. Some defects can easily be fixed, but if this is something you are unable to do, you can always call in a professional.

The roller tracks have to be kept clean at all times so that the rollers will roll without problems. Clean the roller tracks of any grime or dirt that may accumulate through time. You can clean the tracks with a wire brush.

It would also be beneficial to lubricate the roller tracks with a petroleum lubricant. Don’t forget to wipe excess oil after applying the lubricant.

The rollers should also be checked for dirt and grime. Applying a good amount of lubricant on the rollers will help them to turn freely on the tracks without problems.

Get Service

Furthermore, to help your industrial garage roller doors have a longer life span, it would be good to have them serviced at least once a year. This is ideal, especially if you do not have the time or enough interest in learning how to maintain the roller doors.

A professional roller doors service will be able to inspect and pinpoint any parts that may need replacement. Preventive maintenance will help avoid any major damage that will cost so much more to fix later.

Roller door servicing is very important for the smooth operation of the mechanical door. Some manufacturers even include servicing in the warranty. It is also important that you select a highly professional service for the preventive maintenance. Find out more about repairs and service for industrial roller doors here.

The technicians servicing your roller garage doors must have extensive experience, knowledge and skills in checking and repairing roller doors. It is also important that the service has ample supply of spare parts just in case the roller doors will need some parts replaced.

Garage roller doors need regular maintenance checks for them to operate smoothly for a longer period of time. Making simple maintenance checks and cleaning as well as professional maintenance checks from a professional will help your garage doors last longer.

Why You Need a Professional for Roller Door Repairs

DIY projects are the in thing these days. If ever there is a repair needed in the home, we can look it up on the internet and find some DIY solutions. Many people prefer to DIY anything and everything, believing that all things can be learned by knowing the right information and understanding the technical stuff. DIY solutions are always thought to be the more cost efficient move. Aside from the cost cutting, the DIYer also gets a sense of accomplishment after successfully finishing a project done with the help of thorough research and sheer leaning. But one thing that is surely not recommended for DIYers is repair of garage roller doors.

There are many dangers associated with repairs of garage doors, particularly remote controlled doors, where you have the chance of electrical shock. Repairing garage roller doors the DIY manner may potentially cause injuries and worst, fatalities. There are many technical components that would not be understood by an amateur repairman in a day or two. Garage doors are very heavy, so it will not be easy to do any type of repairs if you are not trained for it. You could get your arm or fingers trapped, or worse have the entire door come down on top of you, if you are not careful.

Specialists in garage roller door repairs have the necessary knowledge and years of experience to be able to perform different types of roller door repairs. Repairs may include door replacement, spring tension or replacement, automatic mechanism repairs and routine check-ups. Because they do this type of work professionally, it is expected that they have the proper insurance for workers. That way, you can rest easy not worrying about added expenses in case some sort of accidents happen during the repair work. Professional repairmen also have the proper training and knowledge to safely do the type of repair needed.

Another benefit of hiring a professional for roller door repairs is the cost savings. Contrary to what DIYers may believe, hiring a professional may actually cost you much less. Consider the machines needed to do the actual repair. You may have to rent such machines if you are trying the repair work on your own. If there are mistakes done during the repair, it may actually cost you more in the long run to have the mistake corrected by the professional technician. Hiring a professional will also ensure that the root of the problem is addressed, so the doors last longer than if it were to be fixed DIY style.

DIYers may make themselves handy in preventive maintenance issues such as oiling hinges or other simple tasks that may be detailed in the manual. For true repair tasks, it would be too risky and unnecessary to gamble. Help from a professional is truly advised.

Quality Industrial Door Installations by Direct Door Services

Industrial operations typically require heavy duty equipment and facilities. Due to the nature of their businesses, industries also call for roller shutters as their prime choice for their industrial doors. Direct Door Services has what industries demand when it comes to industrial doors.

The most in demand type of industrial door are roller shutters, primarily because of their ability to withstand rigorous conditions to which industries are usually subjected. Roller shutters provide the right kind of security and reliability that industrial operations demand from their doors. These doors need to keep up with the heavy duty demand of industrial business so their durability is also a big factor. The least need for repair and maintenance is most desired in heavy industries.

To get the best performing roller shutter doors, count on Direct Door Services’ sales and services. Direct Door Services provides sales, installation and repair and maintenance services for high quality roller shutter brands, including Austral Monsoon, Ezi-roll, Gliderol, Mirage, B&D, Grifco Motors, Steel-line, Merlin motors, ARD and ATA.

Backed by more than 18 years of experience in the roller door and roller shutters business, the company boasts broad knowledge and skills in terms of repairs, servicing and maintenance of different brands of roller shutters for industrial purposes. The company, which also handles speciality doors, steel shutters, fire shutters, car park shutters, motorisation and logic control as well as a variety of door finishes, prides itself in its flexibility and versatility. This is exemplified by the company’s ability to handle a broad range of industrial door brands, giving the customers more leeway in choosing the right kind of roller shutters for them.

The company, which services industrial customers throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas, provides installation and service maintenance for all door types. Direct Door Services has in its roster highly experienced and skilled installers to ensure the proper fitting of the shutter doors.

Direct Door Services’ extensive knowledge in the industry gives it adequate expertise to know how frequent preventive maintenance should be conducted. The service agreements call for preventive maintenance of at least once a year for shutter doors that are used twice a day. Preventive maintenance of after 6 months or 3 months is called for in industrial doors that are used more frequently. This is to ensure that the doors work properly and not wait for errors to actually occur.

The company also offers restoration work for roller shutters as well as forming openings, re-springs impact damage and repositioning of existing doors.

Processes in Getting a Roller Shutter

Roller shutters are excellent to add to your home or business building because of the security and the convenience they offer. Normally, roller shutters are not installed in a do-it-yourself (DIY) manner, especially if there are automations and other advanced features that are requested by the client. Here are the key processes you need to know when getting a roller shutter installed in your property.

Selection and Quote

Before anything else, you have to decide on what type of shutter door you want. You may want some features added to your garage door or you may just need a simple roller shutter that will be easy to operate when you are about to park your car. Perhaps, you want a door that will be connected to your fire alarm or theft alarm system. Roller shutters are built for the security of the property and the items inside, so you should be well aware of choices available to you.

Once you have chosen a design, the roller shutter specialist will then provide you with a quote for the type of roller shutter you want. You can discuss with the company if there are any budget limitations so that they can provide you with the best possible solution for your home or business.

Getting the Dimensions

After you have decided what type of roller shutter you want to install in your property, someone from the company will come to your home to do measurements. The location for the proposed roller shutter will be measured to get the precise dimensions to work with. Precision is important in building a highly efficient roller shutter.

Building the Shutter Door

Although the roller shutter builder works with roller shutter suppliers, they will be building the actual doors for you, based on the specifications and features that you requested. There may be customisations that will have to be made to build the shutter door you want. The building process should be meticulous, precise and thorough to ensure that the roller shutter will function as expected.


The final step is the installation of the roller shutter. Using the dimensions obtained, the specialists will then be able to precisely place the roller door into position. A skilled expert or electrician may be needed during the installation process if there are automation, motorisation and logic control systems needed for the shutter door.

Installing a roller shutter in your property involves a lot of precision work and expertise. These are essential in making sure that the security features are of high quality. If you are interested in putting a roller shutter in your building, please call 3802 2999.

A Supplier for All your Roller Door and Roller Shutter Needs

Direct Door Services Qld Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business engaged in supplying, installing, servicing and repairing a broad array of industrial and commercial roller doors and roller shutters. The company can meet all roller door and roller shutter needs, whether for new products, service, repair or the restoration of existing equipment.

A company consultant will measure the customer’s door, then a qualified company installer will install the made to order door. These are the best roller shutters and they come with guarantees that the new garage roller door or roller shutter will match and improve the overall appearance of your home.

The company’s complete product offerings include: speciality doors, steel shutters, fire shutters, car park shutters, roller shutters, roller doors, motorisation and logic control, and assorted finishes. Some of the brands the company services include Austral Monsoon, Ezi-roll, Gliderol, Mirage, B&D, Grifco Motors, Steel-line, Merlin Motors, ARD and ATA.

Products and Services for Domestic Customers

The company supplies and installs garage doors in a variety of designs and colours. The garage doors can be hand operated, chain operated or motorised. The following are the types of doors installed by the company: roller door, roller shutter, panel lift door and tilt-a-door.

Products for Industrial and Commercial Customers

Direct Door Services supplies, services and repairs roller shutters and fire shutters for commercial and industrial customers. Industrial roller shutters, the most popular type of industrial door, are reliable, secure and durable, with the capacity to withstand even the harshest of conditions.

The company provides the following industrial and commercial door services: motorisations, forming openings, re-springs, impact damage, and repositioning of existing doors. The supply and installation of new doors are also available. The company recommends that doors be serviced depending on how many times they are used. Regular service and maintenance will ensure that wear and tear is spotted immediately and repaired, giving you more mileage on your door.

Fire shutters are installed to delay the spread of fire. The company’s two- to four-hour fire resistant roller shutters need to be installed in places where the risk of fire is high. The use of fire resistant roller shutters will help confine the fire in limited areas and give inhabitants of the building time to escape to safety.

The ideal places to install a fire resistant roller shutter are supermarket entries, warehouses, underground car parks, shopping malls and office buildings. Industrial roller shutters should also be installed in places where flammable materials are being stored or being used.

For more information on domestic, and industrial and commercial roller doors and shutters, visit