Correct Shutter Installation Vital To Fire Safety

In recent months, we have seen a number of media reports of large fires that have destroyed a number of industrial buildings and businesses around the country. The cost of fighting the fires, and the resulting damage to the lives and incomes of hundreds of people runs into the millions. Sadly, some of them have caused the loss of human life.
In some cases, especially when the buildings involved are in out-of-the-way places like industrial estates, the fires are not noticed until they have already taken a hold. By the time the fire services arrive, it is too late to save the building and the operation then becomes one of preventing the spread to adjoining buildings.

Fire Resistant Shutters Delay the Spread of Fire

Our fire resistant shutters, had they been installed, could have delayed the spread of the fire giving the authorities valuable time to stop further damage. At Direct Door Services we supply and install shutters that close automatically when the fire alarm is activated, or by a fusible link that closes the shutters when the temperature in the area reaches 72° Celsius. This automatic action contains the fire to a specific area and reduces the likelihood that it will spread.
We supply both two and four hour shutters, depending on the degree of the fire risk. The difference between the two options is the amount of time that can elapse before the doors automatically activate. The doors are manufactured from fire resistant materials to exacting Australian standards and recommended specifications.

Exacting Engineering Standards Guarantee Top Quality

Although our fire resistant shutters may look like a standard roller door, they are complex and involve a number of different components, all of which must meet the same stringent standards. For example, a standard roller door is made from a single sheet, whereas our fire shutters are made from individual slats interlocked together.
As you can imagine, these exacting standards require a degree of specialisation and technical competence. There are multiple mechanisms, electrical wiring, cabling and motors involved that make it vital to have the installation performed by specialists. There are also restrictions regarding the size of the opening to be covered that may require special engineering permissions.

Correct Installation Needs Experienced Operators

Our Direct Door Services operators are highly trained and qualified to perform these installations. Fire resistant shutters that are not properly installed could fail during the very event they are designed to contain – a major fire. We have already seen the results of these fires. It could mean viable businesses driven to bankruptcy, employees suddenly without jobs and other adjoining buildings destroyed in the process. Don’t leave such important work to amateurs. Contact Direct Door Services and listen to the voice of experience.