Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Installing a garage door in your home requires thorough evaluation of what it is you really need to suit your usage of the garage. Garage doors provide effective security for your vehicle and your house as well. But more than security, garage doors also add aesthetic quality to the house.

Garage doors, when selected and installed properly, can provide more convenience and ample security. They also enhance the appearance of the home. When choosing which garage door to install, consider the following factors.

Consider the Type of House

The garage door should go well with the style of the house. Naturally, old or colonial styles are certain to look good with the addition of a panel type garage door. Wood panel garage doors tend to go well with older house types. For more modern home styles, garage doors using metal or fibreglass materials would be a good addition.

Picking the Garage Door Type

Depending on the how you want the garage door to function, choose from the different types of garage doors. You may want your garage door to be fully automated. If so, then motorisation is needed for the garage door. It may also be that you do not require any automation in your garage door and simply want a classic look to complement the look and simplicity of the house.

Garage door types include roller doors, roller shutters, panel lift door and tilt-a-door type of doors. You may add in windows to the garage door to break the monotony in the door’s appearance.

What Material to Use

You can choose from different materials, from wood to stainless steel, to metal and fibreglass. When choosing the material for the garage door, remember that how long the door will last depends a lot on the material.

Each material has its pros and cons, so do consider these first and decide later which ones you can tolerate. Metal may be strong, but it can be dented if hit with some materials. Wood panels prove to be the least strong and they also require adequate maintenance, which could include staining and sealing.

Pick the Right Colour

The colour of the garage door should also be chosen properly so that the colour theme will bring out the best of the building’s style. There are many colours available for garage doors. You can go for neutral colours if you want to besafe, or you can use the colour of the trims of the house.

Garage doors are very useful in providing added security and convenience to the house. In choosing the right kind of garage door for your home, it is best to consult with a specialist in garage doors. That way, you get to know all the available options.