Insurance for Roller Doors and Roller Shutters

Metal roller doors and roller shutters provide effective security and protection for business assets or a shop’s merchandise. However, no matter how tough and durable you doors and shutters might be, there are still situations when they can become damaged and rendered inoperable.

Why Insure Your Roller Doors?

Whether damage from storm and other force majeure, or from a very persistent burglar, it is wise to get insurance for your commercial roller doors and shutters. Insurance is protection against anything unexpected that could happen to your commercial roller doors and shutters. With insured roller shutters, you can sleep well at night knowing that you are covered.

There is no need for you to spend a huge amount of money as the insurance will help cover the costs of repairs and replacements for your rollers and shutters. It will be even more advantageous for you to sign up with a professional roller door and shutter installer who takes care of insurance work for damaged roller doors and shutters.

Immediate repairs or replacement must be carried out because the longer it takes you to do so, the longer your business or shop is vulnerable to theft and further damage from the elements.

A Roller Door and Shutter Installer That Handles Insurance

Direct Door Services takes care of the insurance work on your damaged roller doors and shutters. If needed, the company will send one of its technicians to the customer’s house to secure the broken roller door or shutter properly. The company will then send the entire job estimates to your insurance company for the quick repair and replacement of all work covered by insurance.

Direct Door Services will repair and replace roller doors and shutters broken due to storm, hard impact or break-ins. Work includes the replacement of slats and guides on all brands of domestic, commercial and industrial roller shutters. Some of the major brands that the company services are Austral Monsoon, Grifco Motors, Merlin Motors, Gliderol and Ezi-Roll.

The company will also replace motors damaged by fusion. This service is offered for all types of Australian-made commercial and industrial doors. A licensed electrician who is an expert in motor systems will be sent to your home to perform all the work required. For more information, visit

You do not need to suffer the stress and hassle of getting all your insurance work done. The company will obtain and organise all the job estimates that you will require for your insurance work.