Insurance for Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are primarily installed for security purposes, but there are possibilities that the garage door might be damaged. It may be from an intrusion, a big storm, or any other cause. Because of the security risk, you will need to act fast to work with your insurance company for the quick replacement or repair of a roller door or shutter.

Direct Door Services understands the need of residents and commercial building owners to quickly get insurance claims on the damaged door. The company will help you through the tedious processes that you have to deal with to fix your garage door.

Temporary Security

First, it may be that the home or business premises may have to be secured temporarily. With the garage door damaged, your property would be exposed to danger, theft and more damage from wind and storms. The company can send someone to visit the site to make the roller door or shutter temporarily function, if possible. This will give you and the company ample time to completely fix the door.

Insurance Quotes

Before you can claim insurance, you must first get quotes from a garage door repair company. Direct Door Services can provide all the necessary garage doors insurance quotes you will need to get insurance-covered work on your garage door. All you need to do is to call the company to help you with getting insurance for your roller door or shutter.

Claiming insurance can be quite a pain. There are many procedures to follow and you have to be very careful in everything you do. You also have to be aware of any loopholes in the insurance policy that might hinder your claim. The company will remove the hassle and burden from you by sending the quotes to your insurance company.

Repair or Replacement

The company covers all types of insurance work for garage doors. Complete replacement may be needed if the door has been damaged severely. The company will send out a fully trained roller door specialist to assess the extent of the damage.

The company can handle small repairs up to the full replacement of the roller door of any brand or make. The work inclusion covers replacement of slats and guides. The company can replace a damaged motor due to fusion. A fully qualified electrician can go to your property to carry out any type of motor system repairs or replacements. Repairs and replacements can be done to all brands of domestic or commercial and industrial roller doors or roller shutters.

Types of Insurance

Remember that insurance claims can be limited, depending on the type of policy you have purchased. Insurance coverage also varies, so make sure you really do purchase the right type of insurance to cover whatever incidents might occur on your property. For instance, damage due to natural disasters may not be covered by all insurance policies, especially if they do not automatically include force majeure in the policy.

You must remember, however, that if the cost of repairs exceeds the insurance coverage, you will have to shoulder the remaining amount. In any case, having insurance coverage will still work very much to your advantage as you will never really know when a disaster or major damage will happen.

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