Choosing the Right Material for Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors/shutters protect and secure the assets in your place of business. The material used to make the commercial garage door/shutter will determine the longevity of the door/shutter, what type of punishment it can withstand, or even how much annual care and maintenance it will need.

Garage doors and shutters come in different materials. The following is a brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials used in commercial garage doors. The information provided for each material will help customers choose the right material for their commercial garage doors/shutters.


The most popular garage door/shutter material is steel because of its reasonable price, durability and low maintenance requirement. Steel can be powder coated with the colour of your preference.

There are two things to take note of when buying steel garage doors. steel offers durability and reduces impact and destruction from burglary attempts.


Aluminium doors have many similarities to steel, with enduring finishes available to customers. Compared with steel, aluminium is lighter.


Wood, the material used to make the first garage doors, is perfect for those looking for traditional styles and materials. Although wood provides better insulation than steel, insulated garage doors are better at saving energy. Regular maintenance and refinishing are required for wood garage doors.

Wood Composite

Made with recycled wood fibres, wood composite doors combine the strength of steel and the appearance and feel of wood. This material can be painted or stained. Composite doors that more resistant to rot and breakage than solid wood.


There are not many fibreglass garage doors available in the market. The material has its shortcomings including its lightness, poor insulation capability and susceptibility to weather exposure. However, fibreglass can withstand salt-water corrosion better than other materials used to make garage doors, making it suitable for coastal sites.

Material is just one of the factors to consider when shopping for a garage door/shutter. Choosing a garage door requires a lot of thought. This ensures that you will not regret your purchase later on.