Industrial and Commercial Doors from Direct Door Services

Industrial and commercial businesses require special security when it comes to protecting their property. The business needs to be protected from theft, burglary and even damage from fires. Companies looking for the ultimate in shutters can rely on Direct Door Services commercial and industrial shutter doors. The company’s top performing industrial and commercial shutters are its roller shutters and fire shutters.

This family-owned and operated company boasts more than eighteen years of experience in providing roller doors and shutters for domestic and business applications. The company not only supplies roller doors from various manufacturers, but also installs and repairs roller doors and shutters.

Roller Shutters

Direct Door Services provides roller shutters for industrial and commercial applications. Made from durable materials, roller shutters are built for excellent endurance during tough conditions. The roller shutters are the most in demand in the company’s roster of roller door products, mainly because of their reliability and the security they offer businesses.

Businesses look for roller doors to ensure security in the business premises. These roller doors are installed to keep burglars and thieves out. Aside from the security they offer, roller doors are also used to make closing and opening doors easier through automation. The company provides services such as motorisation to simplify closing and opening of the doors.

The company sells, services and repairs industrial and commercial roller doors and shutters. Among the roller door brands that it carries are Austral Monsoon, Ezi-roll, Gliderol, Mirage, B&D, Grifco Motors, Steel-line, Merlin motors, ARD and ATA. The entire industrial roller doors are offered with service maintenance agreements to ensure that the doors are operating in good condition at all times.

Depending on the frequency of use of the roller doors, the company can provide a six-month or three-month service so that the doors are always sure to function properly. The service will also fight effects of wear and tear through the years of usage.

Fire Shutters

Some businesses also favour the use of fire shutters in their establishments. This type of shutter is particularly useful in businesses where there is a high quantity of merchandise or many important items that need to be protected from fire incidents. Some of the ideal applications would be in supermarkets, shopping malls and warehouse facilities.

In the event of a fire in the premises, the fire alarm triggers the fire shutter to close. There can also be a fusible link that will cause the automatic closing of the fire shutter should the temperature reach 72 degrees Celsius.

Roller shutters and fire shutters are essential installations in industrial and commercial facilities to enhance security in the buildings. These industrial doors are especially built to protect valuable business investments.