Mega-Span Doors

Roller doors are very good to use for commercial and industrial applications. However, there are times that they can be limited in their scope of applications. For operations that require more flexibility, special features and high customisation, specialty roller doors are called for.

For large access door openings or for any type of door that requires specific features, there is a specialty roller door that is specifically designed for such purpose. Mega-Span Door Systems provides cost-efficient solutions to various industries requiring special features for their roller doors.

Unique Features

Mega-Span doors are recommended for use in civil, commercial, military, shipbuilding yards, aerospace and mining operations. There is no limit as to the size of Mega-Span doors. They can also be fitted with special features that engineers, architects and builders are looking for in roller doors.

Mega-Span doors are innovative products that resulted from more than 25 years of expertise in industrial roller door systems, combined with advanced technologies. These roller doors are vertically operating doors ideal for use in many industrial applications.

Mega-Span door systems are lauded for their safety features and their flexibility in the type of materials used. They can, for instance, be made with weld-resistant materials. Materials used for Mega-Span doors are generally lightweight for added cost-efficiency. They are also translucent, which means that more light can come in, but they are tough enough to prevent bird infiltration.

Mega-Span doors are also very resistant to corrosive elements, making them ideal for structures built near the sea. The specialty doors are designed to minimise the transfer of dust, sand and paint. The specialty doors do not eat up space, which may otherwise be used for production processes. They can be relied on to work and not disrupt industrial operations.


Mega-Span door systems are ideal for heavy industries that require specialised features in their doors. In mining operations, for example, they are good to use for mine entrances and mine workshop doors.

The special features of the roller doors are ideal to use in shipyards where doors may stay unopened for months. Because Mega-Span doors are highly resistant to corrosive elements, they are perfect to set up in shipyards or boatyards, which are exposed to corrosive marine elements. When in use, they operate flawlessly for marine vehicles that need to move.

Builders needing special features for their roller doors should consider using Mega-Span door systems. Their high customisation will surely address all the needs of any given infrastructure.