Cover your Roller Shutter or Door with Insurance

Roller doors and shutters are made with tough materials. They have to be durable to perform their main function, which is to protect and safeguard valuable possessions in the home or commercial buildings. But no matter how tough metal is or how you take good care of your shutters or doors, they will get damaged or break down at some point. Whether from a break-in, an act of God or normal wear and tear, your rollers or shutters will need to get fixed to become functional again.

What Are the Benefits of Roller Door and Shutter Insurance?

Even durable roller shutters will need repair and replacement after a while. You can avoid the high cost of repairs and replacement by making sure your door or shutter is covered by insurance. The cost of repairs may exceed the insurance coverage so you need to pay the remaining amount. However, this amount is definitely small compared to what you must shoulder if your door or shutter is not insured.

If the damage happens at a time when you do not have money to spare for the repair and replacement, the insurance coverage will come in handy. It is important to take care of the damage immediately so that your valuables are not at risk to burglars and the elements.

Who Handles the Insurance for You?

One of the factors you should consider when choosing a roller door and shutter installer is whether the company handles the insurance work for damaged roller doors and shutters. Direct Door Services is one such company. A fully trained technician will be sent to the customer’s home to secure the damaged door or shutter properly. If possible, the door or shutter would be restored to temporary operation. All quotes will be delivered quickly to the customer’s insurance company to facilitate the repair and replacement of any insurance-covered work.

Direct Door Services can repair all brands of residential, commercial and industrial doors and shutters covered by insurance. These brands include Austral Monsoon, Mirage, Grifco Motors, Steel-line, Merlin Motors, Gliderol and Ezi-Roll. The following is the work that the company’s technicians are fully capable of completing: damage caused by storm, hard impact or break-ins; and motor replacements because of fusion.

Carrying out the insurance work on your own can be tedious and stressful. To save yourself the aggravation, sign up with a professional company that offers to gather and arrange all the quotes that will be required for the insurance claims. For more information about insurance for roller doors and shutters, go to