Shutters for Controlling Fire

Fire incidents are never wanted, yet they can happen to any building, so it is always good to be prepared. There are devices and strategies that you can adopt to help restrain fire when it happens. Smoke detectors and fire alarms are important to install to help mitigate fire the moment it starts. It is also a provision in law that fire extinguishers be present in commercial, industrial or office properties to stop small fires and preventing their development into a full blown fire. A fire sprinkler system is another helpful device to help stop fires from happening. If a fire occurs in the building, these devices can be used to automatically control the problem. To further help in controlling fire from spreading to other parts of the property, fire shutters can also be installed in buildings.

Fire shutters work to separate one area from another. That way, if a fire occurs and become unmanageable in one area of the building, the fire shutters would roll down to protect the other parts of the building. Built similar to roller doors, fire shutters are made from materials that can withstand fire for several hours. This would help stop the fire from spreading into other parts of the building, making it easier for fire men to put the fire situation under control.

Fire shutters are usually connected to the fire alarm system or a fusible link. Once the area detects a stark change in temperature, around 72 degrees Celsius, the shutters will automatically close to trap the fire in, thus preventing its spread to adjacent rooms. Fire shutters are most ideal to use in operations where flammable materials are used, such as in kitchens of restaurants. They would also be good to use in large areas that can be divided in case a fire starts. For instance, fire shutters can be used in supermarkets where they can help to restrain the movement of fire to protect other merchandise. Fire shutters are ideal to use in industrial and commercial areas such as shopping malls, car parks, warehouses and offices. Valuable items and property can be salvaged by the mere use of fire shutters.

Fire shutter will not completely stop the advancement of fire, especially if the fire is highly fuelled, but it can slow down the progress of the fire. This would give ample time for fire-fighters to stop the fire. Successfully sectioning a big area is very good in protecting other properties that are not directly hit by the fire.