Worried About Safety and Security? Automate Your Garage Doors

Although we are fortunate to live in a mostly safe society, there are always opportunists around ready to take advantage of any lapse in security. In times past it was common for people to leave their windows and doors open in summer, but those days are long gone. Every country now has their share of law breakers and violent offenders, most of whom are strangers to their victims.

Direct Door Services is a company that sells, services and repairs roller doors. We understand the concerns our clients have about getting a product that will not only be functional, but will protect their properties from unwanted intrusion. Automating your garage doors is an extra precaution that would be beneficial for commercial, industrial and residential situations.

Protecting the Public Essential in a Commercial Situation

Commercial environments include such premises as supermarkets, shopping centres and service providers among many others. With members of the public occupying these spaces in large numbers, their safety and security is a major concern to the business operators. The garage doors we supply to underground carparks, for example, are made specifically for the purpose and as such, are already strong and robust. Automating the doors allows the operators of a car park to control the access and egress if necessary.

OHS a Major Issue on Industrial Sites

Many industrial situations require doors that span large openings, and need to be strong enough to withstand rough treatment. Such doors are usually heavy, and are a lifting hazard for workers who have to open and close them. These repetitive lifting actions could result in back injuries, or crush injuries should the doors close unexpectedly. Automated doors solve this problem as they require no manual lifting. They also stop and reverse when they detect obstacles. This prevents personal injury or property damage.

Keeping us Safe at Home

Automated garage doors in a residential situation are ideal for security. A person coming home late at night does not have to get out of the vehicle to open the door, drive in then go back outside again to close the door. The remote operation allows the driver to enter the garage as the door automatically opens, and while still in the car, can watch the door close in the rear vision mirror. Should an intruder enter during this process, the driver can lock the car doors and contact the police.

Automated doors can be installed with features such as courtesy lights, automatic force sensors, safety beams and wireless PIN keypads. At Direct Door Services we have experienced sales staff who can assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate product to keep you and your property safe and secure.

Correct Shutter Installation Vital To Fire Safety

In recent months, we have seen a number of media reports of large fires that have destroyed a number of industrial buildings and businesses around the country. The cost of fighting the fires, and the resulting damage to the lives and incomes of hundreds of people runs into the millions. Sadly, some of them have caused the loss of human life.
In some cases, especially when the buildings involved are in out-of-the-way places like industrial estates, the fires are not noticed until they have already taken a hold. By the time the fire services arrive, it is too late to save the building and the operation then becomes one of preventing the spread to adjoining buildings.

Fire Resistant Shutters Delay the Spread of Fire

Our fire resistant shutters, had they been installed, could have delayed the spread of the fire giving the authorities valuable time to stop further damage. At Direct Door Services we supply and install shutters that close automatically when the fire alarm is activated, or by a fusible link that closes the shutters when the temperature in the area reaches 72° Celsius. This automatic action contains the fire to a specific area and reduces the likelihood that it will spread.
We supply both two and four hour shutters, depending on the degree of the fire risk. The difference between the two options is the amount of time that can elapse before the doors automatically activate. The doors are manufactured from fire resistant materials to exacting Australian standards and recommended specifications.

Exacting Engineering Standards Guarantee Top Quality

Although our fire resistant shutters may look like a standard roller door, they are complex and involve a number of different components, all of which must meet the same stringent standards. For example, a standard roller door is made from a single sheet, whereas our fire shutters are made from individual slats interlocked together.
As you can imagine, these exacting standards require a degree of specialisation and technical competence. There are multiple mechanisms, electrical wiring, cabling and motors involved that make it vital to have the installation performed by specialists. There are also restrictions regarding the size of the opening to be covered that may require special engineering permissions.

Correct Installation Needs Experienced Operators

Our Direct Door Services operators are highly trained and qualified to perform these installations. Fire resistant shutters that are not properly installed could fail during the very event they are designed to contain – a major fire. We have already seen the results of these fires. It could mean viable businesses driven to bankruptcy, employees suddenly without jobs and other adjoining buildings destroyed in the process. Don’t leave such important work to amateurs. Contact Direct Door Services and listen to the voice of experience.

The Importance of Installing Infrared Safety Beams on Commercial Garage Doors

An established business owns many assets. Among these many assets are vehicles. It is the responsibility of a company to keep these vehicles safe and well maintained. This is important so that the vehicle will continue to serve the company for a long time. One of the ways to protect company vehicles is by installing a commercial garage door.

A company can further protect its vehicles from harm by installing a commercial garage door with an infrared safety beam. Infrared safety beam technology is one of the most significant inventions in garage door history. The infrared safety beam is basic motion detection technology. It works by automatically reversing the closing of the door if it senses that something is blocking the way or if something breaks the beam as the door is closing.

You can buy a garage door that includes an infrared safety beam. Alternatively, you can buy the safety beam separately if you already have a commercial garage door. In either case, it is a good idea to call a professional to install your garage doors and/or your garage door’s infrared safety beam. There are several reasons why it is important to have an infrared safety beam installed with your commercial garage door.

Protection for your Company Vehicles

Safety sensors provide protection to your car. If you neglect to park the vehicle far enough inside the garage, an infrared safety beam will not allow the garage door to close. It will remind you always to park the vehicle properly.

Protection against Theft and Harsh Weather

You could unintentionally leave the garage door open when you park the car. An infrared safety beam will alert you that the garage door is still open and remind you to close the door. There are advanced safety beams technologies that will even close the door for you. Closing the garage door after you is important to prevent theft or damage to the vehicle, especially when the weather is very cold.

A high-quality infrared safety beam is a good investment for your company. If you are ready to invest in an infrared safety beam, seek the help of a good garage door installer or a reliable supplier. If you have a very old garage door, you need to call the manufacturer before your purchase an infrared safety beam. This will prevent compatibility between the existing garage door and the new safety beam. If your place of business still does not have a commercial garage door, it is a good idea to hire a good garage door installer who has the experience and training to install the unit properly.

Shutters for Controlling Fire

Fire incidents are never wanted, yet they can happen to any building, so it is always good to be prepared. There are devices and strategies that you can adopt to help restrain fire when it happens. Smoke detectors and fire alarms are important to install to help mitigate fire the moment it starts. It is also a provision in law that fire extinguishers be present in commercial, industrial or office properties to stop small fires and preventing their development into a full blown fire. A fire sprinkler system is another helpful device to help stop fires from happening. If a fire occurs in the building, these devices can be used to automatically control the problem. To further help in controlling fire from spreading to other parts of the property, fire shutters can also be installed in buildings.

Fire shutters work to separate one area from another. That way, if a fire occurs and become unmanageable in one area of the building, the fire shutters would roll down to protect the other parts of the building. Built similar to roller doors, fire shutters are made from materials that can withstand fire for several hours. This would help stop the fire from spreading into other parts of the building, making it easier for fire men to put the fire situation under control.

Fire shutters are usually connected to the fire alarm system or a fusible link. Once the area detects a stark change in temperature, around 72 degrees Celsius, the shutters will automatically close to trap the fire in, thus preventing its spread to adjacent rooms. Fire shutters are most ideal to use in operations where flammable materials are used, such as in kitchens of restaurants. They would also be good to use in large areas that can be divided in case a fire starts. For instance, fire shutters can be used in supermarkets where they can help to restrain the movement of fire to protect other merchandise. Fire shutters are ideal to use in industrial and commercial areas such as shopping malls, car parks, warehouses and offices. Valuable items and property can be salvaged by the mere use of fire shutters.

Fire shutter will not completely stop the advancement of fire, especially if the fire is highly fuelled, but it can slow down the progress of the fire. This would give ample time for fire-fighters to stop the fire. Successfully sectioning a big area is very good in protecting other properties that are not directly hit by the fire.

Protecting Your Business with a Roller Door

If you own a business, you know how important it is to protect one’s investment and operation. Roller doors are very effective in protecting all assets that are on the business premises. If your business establishment is mostly made of glass walls, installing a durable metal roller door will greatly improve protection of the premises. But their purpose covers more than sheer protection of property from the natural elements.

Business buildings are a huge target of thieves and burglars. However, there are steps that you can take to protect your business from lawless elements. Providing a roller door at the entrance of the building can help deter thieves and criminals from targeting your building. Currently, there are various types of commercial and industrial roller doors that you can use. You can choose from different types of roller doors to enhance protection and security for your business building.

Enhanced Security System

Roller doors are made from durable metal material, which is not that easy to bring down or destroy. Installing a roller door at the entrance of your business also increases visibility of the interiors during daytime. Roller doors, for instance, may be installed in such businesses as cafés, shops or arcades, which can gain competitive advantage as well as protection, thanks to added visibility

Because the building requires a wider opening for the roller door to be accommodated, the business gets the opportunity to increase visibility of the operation. Criminals tend to stay away from establishments that are highly visible to the public outside.

At night, the business operation can enjoy added security with the roller door system. The roller door can be made to function automatically with a remote control. Additional motorisation and logic control can be included to make the roller door more secure.

Motorisation and automation can enhance security that a roller door offers, as it becomes more challenging to gain access inside. It can be programmed so that unauthorised breaking in would trigger an alarm system to alert security services.

Finding the Right Roller Door

Before you install a roller door for your business, it is best to consult with a reliable supplier to enquire about your choices and options. Direct Door Services offers only the best roller shutters and can guide you on which type of roller door will best suit your business and your budget.

Direct Door Services offers various brands, including Austral Monsoon, Ezi-roll, Mirage, B&D, and Gliderol. The company can work with you to meet the security needs of your business. You can learn more about the company’s products and service offerings at www.directdoors.com.au.