The Importance of Installing Infrared Safety Beams on Commercial Garage Doors

An established business owns many assets. Among these many assets are vehicles. It is the responsibility of a company to keep these vehicles safe and well maintained. This is important so that the vehicle will continue to serve the company for a long time. One of the ways to protect company vehicles is by installing a commercial garage door.

A company can further protect its vehicles from harm by installing a commercial garage door with an infrared safety beam. Infrared safety beam technology is one of the most significant inventions in garage door history. The infrared safety beam is basic motion detection technology. It works by automatically reversing the closing of the door if it senses that something is blocking the way or if something breaks the beam as the door is closing.

You can buy a garage door that includes an infrared safety beam. Alternatively, you can buy the safety beam separately if you already have a commercial garage door. In either case, it is a good idea to call a professional to install your garage doors and/or your garage door’s infrared safety beam. There are several reasons why it is important to have an infrared safety beam installed with your commercial garage door.

Protection for your Company Vehicles

Safety sensors provide protection to your car. If you neglect to park the vehicle far enough inside the garage, an infrared safety beam will not allow the garage door to close. It will remind you always to park the vehicle properly.

Protection against Theft and Harsh Weather

You could unintentionally leave the garage door open when you park the car. An infrared safety beam will alert you that the garage door is still open and remind you to close the door. There are advanced safety beams technologies that will even close the door for you. Closing the garage door after you is important to prevent theft or damage to the vehicle, especially when the weather is very cold.

A high-quality infrared safety beam is a good investment for your company. If you are ready to invest in an infrared safety beam, seek the help of a good garage door installer or a reliable supplier. If you have a very old garage door, you need to call the manufacturer before your purchase an infrared safety beam. This will prevent compatibility between the existing garage door and the new safety beam. If your place of business still does not have a commercial garage door, it is a good idea to hire a good garage door installer who has the experience and training to install the unit properly.