A Supplier for All your Roller Door and Roller Shutter Needs

Direct Door Services Qld Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business engaged in supplying, installing, servicing and repairing a broad array of industrial and commercial roller doors and roller shutters. The company can meet all roller door and roller shutter needs, whether for new products, service, repair or the restoration of existing equipment.

A company consultant will measure the customer’s door, then a qualified company installer will install the made to order door. These are the best roller shutters and they come with guarantees that the new garage roller door or roller shutter will match and improve the overall appearance of your home.

The company’s complete product offerings include: speciality doors, steel shutters, fire shutters, car park shutters, roller shutters, roller doors, motorisation and logic control, and assorted finishes. Some of the brands the company services include Austral Monsoon, Ezi-roll, Gliderol, Mirage, B&D, Grifco Motors, Steel-line, Merlin Motors, ARD and ATA.

Products and Services for Domestic Customers

The company supplies and installs garage doors in a variety of designs and colours. The garage doors can be hand operated, chain operated or motorised. The following are the types of doors installed by the company: roller door, roller shutter, panel lift door and tilt-a-door.

Products for Industrial and Commercial Customers

Direct Door Services supplies, services and repairs roller shutters and fire shutters for commercial and industrial customers. Industrial roller shutters, the most popular type of industrial door, are reliable, secure and durable, with the capacity to withstand even the harshest of conditions.

The company provides the following industrial and commercial door services: motorisations, forming openings, re-springs, impact damage, and repositioning of existing doors. The supply and installation of new doors are also available. The company recommends that doors be serviced depending on how many times they are used. Regular service and maintenance will ensure that wear and tear is spotted immediately and repaired, giving you more mileage on your door.

Fire shutters are installed to delay the spread of fire. The company’s two- to four-hour fire resistant roller shutters need to be installed in places where the risk of fire is high. The use of fire resistant roller shutters will help confine the fire in limited areas and give inhabitants of the building time to escape to safety.

The ideal places to install a fire resistant roller shutter are supermarket entries, warehouses, underground car parks, shopping malls and office buildings. Industrial roller shutters should also be installed in places where flammable materials are being stored or being used.

For more information on domestic, and industrial and commercial roller doors and shutters, visit https://www.directdoors.com.au/.