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A Quick Lesson in Painting Garage Doors

Garage doors, like other exterior features, bear the brunt of our weather extremes, from scorching heat to frost with hailstorms and torrential rain thrown in for good measure. Regardless of the quality of the paint finish, garage doors will eventually need repainting to protect the raw surface. Choosing the right paint is essential for a […]

New Roller Doors Improve Kerb Appeal And Increase Property Values

As the renovation movement continues to gain traction across the country, homes from all time periods are getting makeovers, sometimes using original materials but more often, using the best of new technologies. Renovators have found they can keep the original character of a dwelling without having to use outdated methods. Garage doors are a good […]

Solid Curtain Car Park Roller Shutter

Last week our technicians installed a solid curtain roller shutter for a car park. This particular type of garage door was chosen because of the customer’s location. It was near the sea and so they didn’t want the salt air reaching the cars and causing corrosion and paint damage. Direct Door Services roller shutters are […]

Carpark 19mm Aluminium Roller Grille Installation

Direct Door Services recently installed a 19 mm aluminium grille for a carpark. Aside from carparks, aluminium grilles can also be installed in shops windows, offices, cafes and restaurants to protect valuables inside. There are numerous benefits forinstalling this type of door solution: installing this type of door solution: It is lightweight It is quiet […]