New Roller Doors Improve Kerb Appeal And Increase Property Values

As the renovation movement continues to gain traction across the country, homes from all time periods are getting makeovers, sometimes using original materials but more often, using the best of new technologies. Renovators have found they can keep the original character of a dwelling without having to use outdated methods.

Garage doors are a good example of something very visible and functional that have improved in every aspect of their manufacture. At Direct Door Services we have been manufacturing, supplying, servicing and repairing garage doors for over 20 years. In that time, we have seen many innovations resulting in improved performance, security and aesthetic appeal.

Need Space in Your Driveway? Get Rid of Your Old Garage Doors

Homes built in the 1960s and 1970s typically had tilt garage doors and even though they may still be operational, we recommend to renovators that they replace them with modern roller doors, for a number of reasons. Firstly, space in most driveways these days is at a premium. Most households now have more than one vehicle, and the old, tilt garages, by opening outward and upward, take up unnecessary space.

Modern Roller Doors Safer and More Secure

Secondly, the technology involved in fastening the doors has vastly improved from the clunky old springs mounted on either side of the door frame, which can become dangerous when worn. If they fail, the entire weight of the door can come crashing down on vehicles or much worse, people or pets if they happen to be in the area at the time. Roller doors use safe spring systems mounted above the door, and because they are made of lightweight material, are much safer in all respects.

This does not mean, however, that they lack in keeping the residence secure. Older doors are much more vulnerable to break-ins than new roller doors which are made of superior quality materials and fastenings. They also have a range of additional security technologies such as alarms available on installation.

Great Looks and Low Maintenance – Can’t Beat It!

New roller doors beat the old tilt-type doors hands down when it comes to looks and ease of maintenance. Up to the minute fashion colours and finishes to match the rest of the residence enhance the appearance and increase the value of the property when new doors are installed. Modern doors with a baked enamel finish also don’t need painting, reducing the need to freshen up the old doors with paint every couple of years.

Keep the Weather Outside

With the often-violent nature of our weather, keeping the rain out of the garage is a big priority for home owners. Tilt-type doors do not seal as well as roller doors, which have been designed for maximum weather protection.

Having replaced many old doors with new, efficient, attractive and secure roller doors, we have many very happy clients who are glad they made the decision to get rid of their old doors. Contact Direct Door Services for an instant facelift for your property.

Help! Which Roller Shutter Is Best For My Situation?

With so many different varieties of roller shutters available on the market these days, there is no such thing as an ordinary, standard-type roller product. This is great for the consumer who is now spoilt for choice, but for people unfamiliar with the shutter industry, it can also cause confusion. By the time they sort through brochures and websites trying to make a decision, they are often not confident that they have made the right choice.

As a company with over 20 years’ experience in this industry, Direct Door Services are well placed to advise clients who are confused about which type of shutter would suit their needs. For example, security may be a priority for some clients, while fire protection may be the most important issue for others. To help them out we offer some information about roller shutters and the various functions they perform.

Need to Keep Sound and Temperature Under Control?

Insulated roller shutters are the perfect product for industrial situations where there are thermal or sound issues that may impact on neighbouring properties. Lightweight yet strong, these shutters use foam of a specified thickness to reduce noise and control temperatures.

Shutters Available for both Light and Heavy Industry

Industrial roller shutters are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, strengths and colours. In light industrial situations such as counters, kiosks, sheds and supermarket entrances, they are an economical and versatile way to protect property from theft and damage. They may not be suitable for heavy industrial applications where large door openings and the constant movement of machinery such as forklifts and mobile cranes require a more robust and secure door system. However, there are roller shutters that are made to suit this challenging environment.

When Protection from Fire is a Priority

There are situations where roller shutters are required to stop a fire spreading from one area to another. In these cases, we can supply fire shutters that are activated from a fire control panel or via a fusible link that will automatically close the shutter when the temperature reaches 72 degrees Celsius. Most of the time they operate like any other normal shutter, but in an emergency situation these other features activate to protect people and property.

Intruders on Alert

Another product from our range is the security roller shutter. With determined property invaders an ever-present threat in our society in both the home and business environment, these specially reinforced shutters are designed to prevent unauthorised entry to premises.

These are just a few of the choices available, so it is not surprising that our clients are grateful for our assistance in helping them decide the best option for their circumstances. Once that decision is made, they can then focus on colours, finishes and other product enhancements. We supply, install, service and repair such a wide range of roller shutters that it is little wonder that they come to Direct Door Services for guidance.

Go Motorised – Convenience And Protection In Tight Spots

Are you dreaming of being able to drive into the warm and welcoming cover of a lockable garage? Those dark cold nights can make the outside seem a bit creepy. Your big problem is that you have a really tight spot and you think that it could be difficult to manoeuvre your car and your garage door safely.

For Ease of Access in Tight Spots

It maybe that all you really need is a motorised door that will open and close with the click of a button that you keep with the vehicle. They truly are the best solution to get you into warmth and safety and out of the cold or even worse – the wet – quickly.
They come in all styles so we are sure to find the right door to allow you maximum space to park the car and transfer the family inside without fear of getting wet.

Increase Your Street Appeal

Direct Door Services provide many styles or fascias to ensure we find the best possible match to your home. The host of colours, designs, and patterns are sure to please and you will find it difficult to decide which will suit.

Increases Property Value

We all know that by going the extra few yards such as pathways and landscaping, we add value to our homes. A quality garage door can offer not just increased street appeal, but also value to your home far beyond its cost. That sounds like a good investment.

The Cherry on the Top

The cherry on the top of having a Direct Door Services motorised door is that it offers peace of mind as you know that your motor vehicles and stored items are protected and secure. In some cases this is more than doubly important as your garage door offers access directly into our home.

Service Variety

Here are just some of the great companies we offer new installations, service and repairs, including insurance work, for:

  • Austral Monsoon
  • Ezi-roll
  • Gliderol
  • Mirage
  • B&D
  • Grifco Motors
  • Steel-line
  • Merlin Motors
  • ARD
  • ATA
  • So whether you need a new door, or an old door serviced or repaired give us a call.
    One of our friendly staff can come to you and offer an obligation free measure up and/or quote to get you on track to the garage door that your family and home deserve.

Improving Home Security with Garage Doors

Home security involves a holistic approach. It is a combination of different security systems working together for the prime purpose of keeping a residential property safe from thieves and criminals. However, home security is tested not only by thieves and criminals, but also by unforeseen events such as accidents and natural disasters. Although much attention should be given to securing the main door, installing secure garage doors will help much more to keep the property secure at all times. More often than not, the home garage is used as an entry point when someone is breaking into a house.

If the garage door is not working properly and looks broken and weak, there is a good chance that your house can easily be broken into by burglars or criminals. At the same time, accidents can happen with faulty garage doors. If garage doors are not checked regularly, they can be effortlessly destroyed by a storm.

Garage doors can also give passers-by a glimpse of your property. You work hard for your property, but flashing it for everyone to see might attract thieves. If you have a garage door with windows, you might want to change it into a solid material to ensure that the home interior is not easily seen by people outside. Setting up an alarm system in your garage is also a good way to improve home security. You can also install lights in the garage to repel criminals from entering through the garage door.

Should You Hire a Professional?

When you notice that the garage door is not working properly, you can do maintenance by yourself if the problem is simple enough. Replacing hinges and putting lubricants on the rollers can easily be performed. Complicated mechanical problems such as improperly working remote controlled garage doors require the help of a reliable professional garage door specialist.

A good garage door specialist can work with both home and industrial garage doors. It is best to delegate the job repair to a professional to avoid further problems with the garage door. At the same time, working with something you are not familiar with might just cause an injury. These professionals have adequate knowledge and skills in handling the work.

Repair companies also offer warranty for the services they provide. Because of this warranty, you are also certain that they are doing their job. Otherwise, they will have to get back to the customer for any additional repairs.

Remember to choose a repair company with a positive feedback from past customers. For more inquiries about garage doors to improve your home’s security, please call 3802 2999.

Insurance for Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are primarily installed for security purposes, but there are possibilities that the garage door might be damaged. It may be from an intrusion, a big storm, or any other cause. Because of the security risk, you will need to act fast to work with your insurance company for the quick replacement or repair of a roller door or shutter.

Direct Door Services understands the need of residents and commercial building owners to quickly get insurance claims on the damaged door. The company will help you through the tedious processes that you have to deal with to fix your garage door.

Temporary Security

First, it may be that the home or business premises may have to be secured temporarily. With the garage door damaged, your property would be exposed to danger, theft and more damage from wind and storms. The company can send someone to visit the site to make the roller door or shutter temporarily function, if possible. This will give you and the company ample time to completely fix the door.

Insurance Quotes

Before you can claim insurance, you must first get quotes from a garage door repair company. Direct Door Services can provide all the necessary garage doors insurance quotes you will need to get insurance-covered work on your garage door. All you need to do is to call the company to help you with getting insurance for your roller door or shutter.

Claiming insurance can be quite a pain. There are many procedures to follow and you have to be very careful in everything you do. You also have to be aware of any loopholes in the insurance policy that might hinder your claim. The company will remove the hassle and burden from you by sending the quotes to your insurance company.

Repair or Replacement

The company covers all types of insurance work for garage doors. Complete replacement may be needed if the door has been damaged severely. The company will send out a fully trained roller door specialist to assess the extent of the damage.

The company can handle small repairs up to the full replacement of the roller door of any brand or make. The work inclusion covers replacement of slats and guides. The company can replace a damaged motor due to fusion. A fully qualified electrician can go to your property to carry out any type of motor system repairs or replacements. Repairs and replacements can be done to all brands of domestic or commercial and industrial roller doors or roller shutters.

Types of Insurance

Remember that insurance claims can be limited, depending on the type of policy you have purchased. Insurance coverage also varies, so make sure you really do purchase the right type of insurance to cover whatever incidents might occur on your property. For instance, damage due to natural disasters may not be covered by all insurance policies, especially if they do not automatically include force majeure in the policy.

You must remember, however, that if the cost of repairs exceeds the insurance coverage, you will have to shoulder the remaining amount. In any case, having insurance coverage will still work very much to your advantage as you will never really know when a disaster or major damage will happen.

To inquire about insurance for your garage doors, visit the company’s website at