New Roller Doors Improve Kerb Appeal And Increase Property Values

As the renovation movement continues to gain traction across the country, homes from all time periods are getting makeovers, sometimes using original materials but more often, using the best of new technologies. Renovators have found they can keep the original character of a dwelling without having to use outdated methods.

Garage doors are a good example of something very visible and functional that have improved in every aspect of their manufacture. At Direct Door Services we have been manufacturing, supplying, servicing and repairing garage doors for over 20 years. In that time, we have seen many innovations resulting in improved performance, security and aesthetic appeal.

Need Space in Your Driveway? Get Rid of Your Old Garage Doors

Homes built in the 1960s and 1970s typically had tilt garage doors and even though they may still be operational, we recommend to renovators that they replace them with modern roller doors, for a number of reasons. Firstly, space in most driveways these days is at a premium. Most households now have more than one vehicle, and the old, tilt garages, by opening outward and upward, take up unnecessary space.

Modern Roller Doors Safer and More Secure

Secondly, the technology involved in fastening the doors has vastly improved from the clunky old springs mounted on either side of the door frame, which can become dangerous when worn. If they fail, the entire weight of the door can come crashing down on vehicles or much worse, people or pets if they happen to be in the area at the time. Roller doors use safe spring systems mounted above the door, and because they are made of lightweight material, are much safer in all respects.

This does not mean, however, that they lack in keeping the residence secure. Older doors are much more vulnerable to break-ins than new roller doors which are made of superior quality materials and fastenings. They also have a range of additional security technologies such as alarms available on installation.

Great Looks and Low Maintenance – Can’t Beat It!

New roller doors beat the old tilt-type doors hands down when it comes to looks and ease of maintenance. Up to the minute fashion colours and finishes to match the rest of the residence enhance the appearance and increase the value of the property when new doors are installed. Modern doors with a baked enamel finish also don’t need painting, reducing the need to freshen up the old doors with paint every couple of years.

Keep the Weather Outside

With the often-violent nature of our weather, keeping the rain out of the garage is a big priority for home owners. Tilt-type doors do not seal as well as roller doors, which have been designed for maximum weather protection.

Having replaced many old doors with new, efficient, attractive and secure roller doors, we have many very happy clients who are glad they made the decision to get rid of their old doors. Contact Direct Door Services for an instant facelift for your property.

Benefits of Using Remote Control Doors

Automation is heavily incorporated in our everyday lives. While some of the automated systems are solely for petty leisure, some are designed for valid purposes. Such purposes do not necessarily encourage laziness, but instead are meant to simplify work or to avoid unnecessary waste of time. Automated doors are one of the conveniences available today, providing many benefits and eliminating hassles in many situations.

Remote controlled garage doors are very good to install and utilise for residences and even commercial buildings. These doors are typically made of metal material, preferably made of steel or aluminium roller doors or shutters. Motorisation of the doors can be requested from the door services company and added as a special feature. The automated door can then be opened or closed using a remote control held by the driver.

Remote garage doors are very advantageous in many situations. For instance, if there is nobody to help and open the door for you, it would be quite tedious to be driving and opening the door at the same time. There could be some safety concerns as you would have to leave your car to open the door yourself. There would be extreme difficulty opening the door manually if you are caught in a strong storm. Remote controlling the opening and closing of the garage door would simplify life for you and eliminate unnecessary tasks. If you are going out of the garage, opening and closing it using a remote will definitely be much simpler than if you have to open and secure it manually. This would save you valuable time particularly if you are in a hurry to drive to an appointment.

Contrary to the usual expectations, the added cost in motorisation of the garage doors is so much worth it. As you have already invested in a durable and high quality garage door, making it automated would increase the value of the door. Garage doors do not have to be dull looking or be too industrial that they look like a storage room or a place for junk. They should be built to complement the look and style of the main house. You can pick the colour of your choice to bring out the best in your home and garage.

As the garage door is a really essential part of your home, protecting your vehicles from outsiders, it can gain added value with the right automation. Making garage doors remote controlled would be considerably convenient and a true time saver.