Help! Which Roller Shutter Is Best For My Situation?

With so many different varieties of roller shutters available on the market these days, there is no such thing as an ordinary, standard-type roller product. This is great for the consumer who is now spoilt for choice, but for people unfamiliar with the shutter industry, it can also cause confusion. By the time they sort through brochures and websites trying to make a decision, they are often not confident that they have made the right choice.

As a company with over 20 years’ experience in this industry, Direct Door Services are well placed to advise clients who are confused about which type of shutter would suit their needs. For example, security may be a priority for some clients, while fire protection may be the most important issue for others. To help them out we offer some information about roller shutters and the various functions they perform.

Need to Keep Sound and Temperature Under Control?

Insulated roller shutters are the perfect product for industrial situations where there are thermal or sound issues that may impact on neighbouring properties. Lightweight yet strong, these shutters use foam of a specified thickness to reduce noise and control temperatures.

Shutters Available for both Light and Heavy Industry

Industrial roller shutters are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, strengths and colours. In light industrial situations such as counters, kiosks, sheds and supermarket entrances, they are an economical and versatile way to protect property from theft and damage. They may not be suitable for heavy industrial applications where large door openings and the constant movement of machinery such as forklifts and mobile cranes require a more robust and secure door system. However, there are roller shutters that are made to suit this challenging environment.

When Protection from Fire is a Priority

There are situations where roller shutters are required to stop a fire spreading from one area to another. In these cases, we can supply fire shutters that are activated from a fire control panel or via a fusible link that will automatically close the shutter when the temperature reaches 72 degrees Celsius. Most of the time they operate like any other normal shutter, but in an emergency situation these other features activate to protect people and property.

Intruders on Alert

Another product from our range is the security roller shutter. With determined property invaders an ever-present threat in our society in both the home and business environment, these specially reinforced shutters are designed to prevent unauthorised entry to premises.

These are just a few of the choices available, so it is not surprising that our clients are grateful for our assistance in helping them decide the best option for their circumstances. Once that decision is made, they can then focus on colours, finishes and other product enhancements. We supply, install, service and repair such a wide range of roller shutters that it is little wonder that they come to Direct Door Services for guidance.

Roller Doors Also Need Cleaning and Care

Roller Doors spend their lifetime with half of them outside in the weather, be it sunny, raining or howling storm or snow. The other side—the inside, is left to contend with the flotsam and jetsam that blows in when they are opened. Then, depending on your situation, be it domestic, commercial or industrial, these mechanisms may need to contend with smoke, steam, settling dust and grease particles, among others.

This does not mean that they don’t have their fair share of issues to contend with anyway. The simple operation of them contributes to wear and tear.

Factors That Could Impede Optimal Operation

Usually, the working mechanisms of such doors are placed inside to protect them from the elements. Even after being placed inside out of harm’s way, these operating mechanisms can still be obstructed or hampered in many ways.

Simple use alone will create a demand for regular cleaning, lubricating and general maintenance. For example – How often do you open and close your roller door?

Domestic Roller Doors

If you have a domestic roller door and work a normal week you could expect that you would open and close your roller door twice a day. This means on average that you door is being operated 730 times per year. That’s 730 openings and 730 closings.

This is just to get to and from work. Once you throw in the fact that there might be two of you opening that door twice a day you can see how quickly this number increases.

Commercial & Industrial Roller Doors

Depending on what your industry is, your roller door may also be opened and closed twice a day. If there is ever any downtime for meal breaks or rules about when your door is in use during the day, this number could double or even triple.

Different Maintenance Agreements For Different Doors

You can see why it is imperative that your roller door should be included in a cleaning and maintenance schedule. Just as you may routinely check a pool filter, clean out your gutters or dust your blinds you must also have your roller doors checked.

Direct Door Services maintain and service all doors in the Brisbane and Gold Coast Areas. We offer a range of service agreements to ensure you get the best out of your door and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Our experienced team can attend to motorizations, forming openings, re-springs, impact damage and more.

Looking After Industrial Roller Doors

Your industrial garage door may be made from the toughest material, but through time, it will be subjected to wear and tear such that you will be prompted to make repairs. The heavy usage of industrial garage doors makes them more susceptible to damage.

There are things that you can do to keep your industrial roller doors in good condition. But to be sure that they last longer, preventive maintenance by a professional is also advisable.

What You Can Do

One of the most important parts of an industrial roller door is the roller track. This is where the rollers move, so they have to be kept aligned. Once they become crooked, they have to be fixed. Some defects can easily be fixed, but if this is something you are unable to do, you can always call in a professional.

The roller tracks have to be kept clean at all times so that the rollers will roll without problems. Clean the roller tracks of any grime or dirt that may accumulate through time. You can clean the tracks with a wire brush.

It would also be beneficial to lubricate the roller tracks with a petroleum lubricant. Don’t forget to wipe excess oil after applying the lubricant.

The rollers should also be checked for dirt and grime. Applying a good amount of lubricant on the rollers will help them to turn freely on the tracks without problems.

Get Service

Furthermore, to help your industrial garage roller doors have a longer life span, it would be good to have them serviced at least once a year. This is ideal, especially if you do not have the time or enough interest in learning how to maintain the roller doors.

A professional roller doors service will be able to inspect and pinpoint any parts that may need replacement. Preventive maintenance will help avoid any major damage that will cost so much more to fix later.

Roller door servicing is very important for the smooth operation of the mechanical door. Some manufacturers even include servicing in the warranty. It is also important that you select a highly professional service for the preventive maintenance. Find out more about repairs and service for industrial roller doors here.

The technicians servicing your roller garage doors must have extensive experience, knowledge and skills in checking and repairing roller doors. It is also important that the service has ample supply of spare parts just in case the roller doors will need some parts replaced.

Garage roller doors need regular maintenance checks for them to operate smoothly for a longer period of time. Making simple maintenance checks and cleaning as well as professional maintenance checks from a professional will help your garage doors last longer.

Insurance for Roller Doors and Roller Shutters

Metal roller doors and roller shutters provide effective security and protection for business assets or a shop’s merchandise. However, no matter how tough and durable you doors and shutters might be, there are still situations when they can become damaged and rendered inoperable.

Why Insure Your Roller Doors?

Whether damage from storm and other force majeure, or from a very persistent burglar, it is wise to get insurance for your commercial roller doors and shutters. Insurance is protection against anything unexpected that could happen to your commercial roller doors and shutters. With insured roller shutters, you can sleep well at night knowing that you are covered.

There is no need for you to spend a huge amount of money as the insurance will help cover the costs of repairs and replacements for your rollers and shutters. It will be even more advantageous for you to sign up with a professional roller door and shutter installer who takes care of insurance work for damaged roller doors and shutters.

Immediate repairs or replacement must be carried out because the longer it takes you to do so, the longer your business or shop is vulnerable to theft and further damage from the elements.

A Roller Door and Shutter Installer That Handles Insurance

Direct Door Services takes care of the insurance work on your damaged roller doors and shutters. If needed, the company will send one of its technicians to the customer’s house to secure the broken roller door or shutter properly. The company will then send the entire job estimates to your insurance company for the quick repair and replacement of all work covered by insurance.

Direct Door Services will repair and replace roller doors and shutters broken due to storm, hard impact or break-ins. Work includes the replacement of slats and guides on all brands of domestic, commercial and industrial roller shutters. Some of the major brands that the company services are Austral Monsoon, Grifco Motors, Merlin Motors, Gliderol and Ezi-Roll.

The company will also replace motors damaged by fusion. This service is offered for all types of Australian-made commercial and industrial doors. A licensed electrician who is an expert in motor systems will be sent to your home to perform all the work required. For more information, visit

You do not need to suffer the stress and hassle of getting all your insurance work done. The company will obtain and organise all the job estimates that you will require for your insurance work.

Why You Need a Professional for Roller Door Repairs

DIY projects are the in thing these days. If ever there is a repair needed in the home, we can look it up on the internet and find some DIY solutions. Many people prefer to DIY anything and everything, believing that all things can be learned by knowing the right information and understanding the technical stuff. DIY solutions are always thought to be the more cost efficient move. Aside from the cost cutting, the DIYer also gets a sense of accomplishment after successfully finishing a project done with the help of thorough research and sheer leaning. But one thing that is surely not recommended for DIYers is repair of garage roller doors.

There are many dangers associated with repairs of garage doors, particularly remote controlled doors, where you have the chance of electrical shock. Repairing garage roller doors the DIY manner may potentially cause injuries and worst, fatalities. There are many technical components that would not be understood by an amateur repairman in a day or two. Garage doors are very heavy, so it will not be easy to do any type of repairs if you are not trained for it. You could get your arm or fingers trapped, or worse have the entire door come down on top of you, if you are not careful.

Specialists in garage roller door repairs have the necessary knowledge and years of experience to be able to perform different types of roller door repairs. Repairs may include door replacement, spring tension or replacement, automatic mechanism repairs and routine check-ups. Because they do this type of work professionally, it is expected that they have the proper insurance for workers. That way, you can rest easy not worrying about added expenses in case some sort of accidents happen during the repair work. Professional repairmen also have the proper training and knowledge to safely do the type of repair needed.

Another benefit of hiring a professional for roller door repairs is the cost savings. Contrary to what DIYers may believe, hiring a professional may actually cost you much less. Consider the machines needed to do the actual repair. You may have to rent such machines if you are trying the repair work on your own. If there are mistakes done during the repair, it may actually cost you more in the long run to have the mistake corrected by the professional technician. Hiring a professional will also ensure that the root of the problem is addressed, so the doors last longer than if it were to be fixed DIY style.

DIYers may make themselves handy in preventive maintenance issues such as oiling hinges or other simple tasks that may be detailed in the manual. For true repair tasks, it would be too risky and unnecessary to gamble. Help from a professional is truly advised.

Protecting Your Business with a Roller Door

If you own a business, you know how important it is to protect one’s investment and operation. Roller doors are very effective in protecting all assets that are on the business premises. If your business establishment is mostly made of glass walls, installing a durable metal roller door will greatly improve protection of the premises. But their purpose covers more than sheer protection of property from the natural elements.

Business buildings are a huge target of thieves and burglars. However, there are steps that you can take to protect your business from lawless elements. Providing a roller door at the entrance of the building can help deter thieves and criminals from targeting your building. Currently, there are various types of commercial and industrial roller doors that you can use. You can choose from different types of roller doors to enhance protection and security for your business building.

Enhanced Security System

Roller doors are made from durable metal material, which is not that easy to bring down or destroy. Installing a roller door at the entrance of your business also increases visibility of the interiors during daytime. Roller doors, for instance, may be installed in such businesses as cafés, shops or arcades, which can gain competitive advantage as well as protection, thanks to added visibility

Because the building requires a wider opening for the roller door to be accommodated, the business gets the opportunity to increase visibility of the operation. Criminals tend to stay away from establishments that are highly visible to the public outside.

At night, the business operation can enjoy added security with the roller door system. The roller door can be made to function automatically with a remote control. Additional motorisation and logic control can be included to make the roller door more secure.

Motorisation and automation can enhance security that a roller door offers, as it becomes more challenging to gain access inside. It can be programmed so that unauthorised breaking in would trigger an alarm system to alert security services.

Finding the Right Roller Door

Before you install a roller door for your business, it is best to consult with a reliable supplier to enquire about your choices and options. Direct Door Services offers only the best roller shutters and can guide you on which type of roller door will best suit your business and your budget.

Direct Door Services offers various brands, including Austral Monsoon, Ezi-roll, Mirage, B&D, and Gliderol. The company can work with you to meet the security needs of your business. You can learn more about the company’s products and service offerings at

Adding Logic Control to Your Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutters

Businesses put a lot of effort into securing their property and investment. Providing roller gates with added security is one way that industrial and commercial operations can improve their security system. Roller doors are very effective in keeping out thieves and protecting the premises from accidents.

Industrial and commercial roller shutters not only give effective protection to the valuable property and assets within the premises, they are also valuable in securing the premises against unauthorised entries. Adding a logic control to industrial roller doors will further enhance their security features.

What is Programmable Logic Controllers?

Programmable logic controller (PLC) is used for automation of various electromechanical machines and processes. Widely used in assembly lines in manufacturing facilities, the PLC is composed of input and output units and a central processing unit built in the same box. The logic controller provides the business with a compact and easy solution for automating various machines and processes.

Application in Roller Doors

Logic controllers can be applied to roller doors for its automation. This can be as simple as programming the light switch on the garage doors or may be made of complex logic to interconnect the overall security and alarm systems in the facility.

The logic controller can be programmed to meet different requirements in the industrial or commercial setting. It can be programmed to open or close the roller door using a remote control. There can also be a program to turn on the lights whenever the roller door is opened and turned off after a few minutes once the roller door is closed.

The logic controller can also be used to integrate the fire alarm system with the smoke detector in the building. For added security, the roller door can be programmed to alert authorities if ever there is a breach of security in the area. The PLC can integrate security cameras, alarms and other security features for a more efficient security program.

The possible programs for the logic controller are broad and will be determined by the needs and requirements that the business will cite. Though some technical and programming techniques, an ordinary commercial roller door can be turned into a sophisticated security mechanism.

Automating roller doors is a great way of improving security and protection in an industrial or commercial facility. For businesses that require a more innovative and sophisticated security and automation, programmable logic controllers are the way to go. You can find out more about roller door automation and installation at