Roller Doors Also Need Cleaning and Care

Roller Doors spend their lifetime with half of them outside in the weather, be it sunny, raining or howling storm or snow. The other side—the inside, is left to contend with the flotsam and jetsam that blows in when they are opened. Then, depending on your situation, be it domestic, commercial or industrial, these mechanisms may need to contend with smoke, steam, settling dust and grease particles, among others.

This does not mean that they don’t have their fair share of issues to contend with anyway. The simple operation of them contributes to wear and tear.

Factors That Could Impede Optimal Operation

Usually, the working mechanisms of such doors are placed inside to protect them from the elements. Even after being placed inside out of harm’s way, these operating mechanisms can still be obstructed or hampered in many ways.

Simple use alone will create a demand for regular cleaning, lubricating and general maintenance. For example – How often do you open and close your roller door?

Domestic Roller Doors

If you have a domestic roller door and work a normal week you could expect that you would open and close your roller door twice a day. This means on average that you door is being operated 730 times per year. That’s 730 openings and 730 closings.

This is just to get to and from work. Once you throw in the fact that there might be two of you opening that door twice a day you can see how quickly this number increases.

Commercial & Industrial Roller Doors

Depending on what your industry is, your roller door may also be opened and closed twice a day. If there is ever any downtime for meal breaks or rules about when your door is in use during the day, this number could double or even triple.

Different Maintenance Agreements For Different Doors

You can see why it is imperative that your roller door should be included in a cleaning and maintenance schedule. Just as you may routinely check a pool filter, clean out your gutters or dust your blinds you must also have your roller doors checked.

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