Getting It Right In Commercial Premises Is Essential

When most people think about selecting and installing any sort of shutter they can be forgiven for automatically assuming it is for a domestic situation. Selecting the right shutter is essential as it can make or break the mood of a room.

For Direct Door Services when we talk shutters we think about large and small commercial applications. Our vast range of commercial shutters, doors and fire shutters are constructed with quality materials. They can be made from perforated or slotted slats.

Each slat on our shutters and doors are fitted with windlocks. This design allows for greater strength, preventing the slats from popping out of their guides during high winds or sudden gusts.

Fire Shutters

A fire shutter is recommended to impede the spread of a fire. Indeed they are essential items in most commercial premises.

Whilst some of our doors can be hand operated a fire control panel can be used to activate the 240v or 3-phase motors on these shutters. They are also designed to activate should an installed fusible link detect temperatures of higher than 72 degrees Celsius.

Size is No Issue

Our experienced design, installation, and maintenance crew have worked on some very interesting projects.

We have been involved with the construction and installation of shutters, doors and fire shutters as small as a large door all the way up to loading dock shutters that measure 10 metres high and 17 metres wide, or more.

Security and Safety

At the end of a long working day you can relax when conducting your end-of-day procedures such as counting cash and balancing up the day’s takings without fear of exposure or theft.

Each business will work in a different way and require something different to help with this. Our team are able to give advice on design improvements and implement them, thus affording you and your staff the greatest convenience and safety.

Maintenance and Repairs

As previously mentioned, our roller shutters are made up of individual slats. These slats range from 50mm to 75mm all the way through to 100mm.

Should your door incur any damage our trained technicians are able to attend your premises to assess the level of damage. The extent of the damage will control their next steps.

They may be able to get the door working well whilst there, but more often than not, they will get the door as operational as possible whilst new slats can be organised in the colour required.