Need Help Choosing The Right Type Of Door For Your Situation?

As suppliers and installers of domestic, commercial and industrial roller doors, we understand how hard it is to choose the best type of door for your needs. It is never as simple as looking at a vacant door opening and making a snap decision. There are questions that need answers first; such as what is the key function of the door or what type of door would suit the space available.

In an industrial environment, for example, fire proofing may be essential in certain circumstances, but it is never requested for a domestic situation. However, for commercial properties where there may be large quantities of stock or electronic equipment, security could be a major characteristic needed by the owners.

At Direct Door Services our many years of experience enables us to help our clients choose the correct types of roller doors and shutters for their specific needs. Because we source our products from a range of different suppliers, we are able to offer any type or brand of door at a competitive price.

Some Features of Domestic Doors

Most garage doors are situated at the front of a dwelling, so the appearance of the door is just as important as its functionality. It must blend with and enhance the existing structure, so having a wide colour choice is essential. A poor choice here could reduce the value of the home by thousands of dollars.

The type of door is usually influenced by the space available. A panel lift door is excellent for tight spaces because it glides along the ceiling, saving ceiling space and not needing room outside to open and close. A tilt-a-door is perfect when there is plenty of space in front of the garage as it needs to open outward before it slips up into the ceiling space, roller doors are easy to operate as it just rolls onto a drum leaving you ceiling area clear but does require 350mm head room clearance.

For the Industrial Environment

This is usually a very active, no-frills scene, with fork-lifts and heavy machinery moving around quickly to meet deadlines. It needs a robust door that does not have to be completely removed if it is damaged. A roller shutter is the best option for this environment, as it is made from heavier materials giving that added security and are comprised of individual slats interlocked together, requiring only the damaged part of the door to be replaced, should the shutter ever be impacted.

Considerations for Commercial Applications

Many of the characteristics of industrial doors are applicable to a commercial situation, but sites like underground parking areas, shopping centres and office buildings, also require protection from fire. These are usually premises for use by the general public as well as staff. Therefore, the well being of large numbers of people is of major concern. This type of shutter closes automatically when the fire alarm is activated, and keeps the fire contained.

These are just a few issues to consider, so identifying the right type of door for a particular purpose is best left to experts like Direct Door Services. We have a solution to your roller door or shutter problem.

Carpark 19mm Aluminium Roller Grille Installation

Direct Door Services recently installed a 19 mm aluminium grille for a carpark.

Aside from carparks, aluminium grilles can also be installed in shops windows, offices, cafes and restaurants to protect valuables inside.

There are numerous benefits forinstalling this type of door solution:

installing this type of door solution:

  • It is lightweight
  • It is quiet when being closed or opened
  • It provides good ventilation
  • It is perfect for low head room.
  • Unlike steel grilles, it is highly resistant to corrosion, as well as precipitation and UV rays.

Direct Doors Services is committed to keeping its customers satisfied by providing good service, high quality

products with warranties at competitive prices, and accurate information.

We have highly trained and skilled technicians who carry out the installation and fabrication of our various door solutions, which include roller shutters, aluminium grilles and fire shutters, as well as service and repairs.

For enquiries about our products, services and equipment, please call (07) 3802 2999, or email us.


Carpark 19mm aluminium grille installation

Carpark 19mm aluminium grille installation


Getting It Right In Commercial Premises Is Essential

When most people think about selecting and installing any sort of shutter they can be forgiven for automatically assuming it is for a domestic situation. Selecting the right shutter is essential as it can make or break the mood of a room.

For Direct Door Services when we talk shutters we think about large and small commercial applications. Our vast range of commercial shutters, doors and fire shutters are constructed with quality materials. They can be made from perforated or slotted slats.

Each slat on our shutters and doors are fitted with windlocks. This design allows for greater strength, preventing the slats from popping out of their guides during high winds or sudden gusts.

Fire Shutters

A fire shutter is recommended to impede the spread of a fire. Indeed they are essential items in most commercial premises.

Whilst some of our doors can be hand operated a fire control panel can be used to activate the 240v or 3-phase motors on these shutters. They are also designed to activate should an installed fusible link detect temperatures of higher than 72 degrees Celsius.

Size is No Issue

Our experienced design, installation, and maintenance crew have worked on some very interesting projects.

We have been involved with the construction and installation of shutters, doors and fire shutters as small as a large door all the way up to loading dock shutters that measure 10 metres high and 17 metres wide, or more.

Security and Safety

At the end of a long working day you can relax when conducting your end-of-day procedures such as counting cash and balancing up the day’s takings without fear of exposure or theft.

Each business will work in a different way and require something different to help with this. Our team are able to give advice on design improvements and implement them, thus affording you and your staff the greatest convenience and safety.

Maintenance and Repairs

As previously mentioned, our roller shutters are made up of individual slats. These slats range from 50mm to 75mm all the way through to 100mm.

Should your door incur any damage our trained technicians are able to attend your premises to assess the level of damage. The extent of the damage will control their next steps.

They may be able to get the door working well whilst there, but more often than not, they will get the door as operational as possible whilst new slats can be organised in the colour required.

Correct Shutter Installation Vital To Fire Safety

In recent months, we have seen a number of media reports of large fires that have destroyed a number of industrial buildings and businesses around the country. The cost of fighting the fires, and the resulting damage to the lives and incomes of hundreds of people runs into the millions. Sadly, some of them have caused the loss of human life.
In some cases, especially when the buildings involved are in out-of-the-way places like industrial estates, the fires are not noticed until they have already taken a hold. By the time the fire services arrive, it is too late to save the building and the operation then becomes one of preventing the spread to adjoining buildings.

Fire Resistant Shutters Delay the Spread of Fire

Our fire resistant shutters, had they been installed, could have delayed the spread of the fire giving the authorities valuable time to stop further damage. At Direct Door Services we supply and install shutters that close automatically when the fire alarm is activated, or by a fusible link that closes the shutters when the temperature in the area reaches 72° Celsius. This automatic action contains the fire to a specific area and reduces the likelihood that it will spread.
We supply both two and four hour shutters, depending on the degree of the fire risk. The difference between the two options is the amount of time that can elapse before the doors automatically activate. The doors are manufactured from fire resistant materials to exacting Australian standards and recommended specifications.

Exacting Engineering Standards Guarantee Top Quality

Although our fire resistant shutters may look like a standard roller door, they are complex and involve a number of different components, all of which must meet the same stringent standards. For example, a standard roller door is made from a single sheet, whereas our fire shutters are made from individual slats interlocked together.
As you can imagine, these exacting standards require a degree of specialisation and technical competence. There are multiple mechanisms, electrical wiring, cabling and motors involved that make it vital to have the installation performed by specialists. There are also restrictions regarding the size of the opening to be covered that may require special engineering permissions.

Correct Installation Needs Experienced Operators

Our Direct Door Services operators are highly trained and qualified to perform these installations. Fire resistant shutters that are not properly installed could fail during the very event they are designed to contain – a major fire. We have already seen the results of these fires. It could mean viable businesses driven to bankruptcy, employees suddenly without jobs and other adjoining buildings destroyed in the process. Don’t leave such important work to amateurs. Contact Direct Door Services and listen to the voice of experience.

Quality Industrial Door Installations by Direct Door Services

Industrial operations typically require heavy duty equipment and facilities. Due to the nature of their businesses, industries also call for roller shutters as their prime choice for their industrial doors. Direct Door Services has what industries demand when it comes to industrial doors.

The most in demand type of industrial door are roller shutters, primarily because of their ability to withstand rigorous conditions to which industries are usually subjected. Roller shutters provide the right kind of security and reliability that industrial operations demand from their doors. These doors need to keep up with the heavy duty demand of industrial business so their durability is also a big factor. The least need for repair and maintenance is most desired in heavy industries.

To get the best performing roller shutter doors, count on Direct Door Services’ sales and services. Direct Door Services provides sales, installation and repair and maintenance services for high quality roller shutter brands, including Austral Monsoon, Ezi-roll, Gliderol, Mirage, B&D, Grifco Motors, Steel-line, Merlin motors, ARD and ATA.

Backed by more than 18 years of experience in the roller door and roller shutters business, the company boasts broad knowledge and skills in terms of repairs, servicing and maintenance of different brands of roller shutters for industrial purposes. The company, which also handles speciality doors, steel shutters, fire shutters, car park shutters, motorisation and logic control as well as a variety of door finishes, prides itself in its flexibility and versatility. This is exemplified by the company’s ability to handle a broad range of industrial door brands, giving the customers more leeway in choosing the right kind of roller shutters for them.

The company, which services industrial customers throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas, provides installation and service maintenance for all door types. Direct Door Services has in its roster highly experienced and skilled installers to ensure the proper fitting of the shutter doors.

Direct Door Services’ extensive knowledge in the industry gives it adequate expertise to know how frequent preventive maintenance should be conducted. The service agreements call for preventive maintenance of at least once a year for shutter doors that are used twice a day. Preventive maintenance of after 6 months or 3 months is called for in industrial doors that are used more frequently. This is to ensure that the doors work properly and not wait for errors to actually occur.

The company also offers restoration work for roller shutters as well as forming openings, re-springs impact damage and repositioning of existing doors.