Renovating Pre- and Post-War Homes in Queensland

Have you decided to dive into the renovation market? Brisbane’s inner city suburbs are ripe for the picking when it comes to finding that gem in the rough.

Many of the pre- and post-war homes are constructed from timber with hidden floors of beauty and room for a great deck that just needs to be framed right. Many of these buildings of a historical nature were built under different design codes and so are low in the ceiling or perhaps not as square as we may demand now.

It could be that, over time, stumps have settled, et cetera, and the building has relaxed into its own loveable shape. If there is a garage door on a house like that, and it looks as old as the house does, it is important to treat it with care.

Garage Doors From Another Era

When the tilted door style of garage door was first introduced in Australia in the 1960s its operation relied on the tension of a set of springs set into large pivot style hinges on either side of the door.

The spring assisted in opening and closing the door and it was tensioned whilst the door was closed. This was so that when you opened the door, the spring would retract and thereby assist with the lift.

Over the years the contact points of these springs can become weakened. When one of these points of attachment snaps whilst under tension they are jettisoned across rooms, causing destruction and injury as they go.

A casing system was designed for these and did offer some limited protection.

Call In the Professionals

Installing a garage door into an odd shape such as the gap under an old home that is not quite square and certainly not the standard size can be very challenging for the untrained. If you add that you may have to remove a possible explosion waiting to happen in the old garage door, first you really must check its springs before activation is considered.

Direct Door Services** **staff members are insured and fully trained in all aspects of removing old or damaged doors and installing them with a wonderful smooth running one. Even those that can open with the touch of a button from your warm, dry, comfortable car seat.

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